ENKL is a Danish furniture and interior brand founded by Kristian Gatten and Lasse Tamberg in 2016.

Our purpose is to turn the furniture industry into a more sustainable and circular business  


At ENKL we believe in the Circular Economy.
The Circular Economy looks beyond the current linear “take-make-dispose” model of production that in many ways define our production today.
Unlike the Linear Economy, the Circular Economy aims to keep products and materials in the economic flow as long as possible while simultaneously focusing on positive society-wide benefits.
In short, the Circular Economy is based on three principles:  
• Design out waste and pollution  
• Keep products and materials in use  
• Regenerate natural systems  

Odoo CMS - a big picture


A key element in the Circular Economy is to design for disassembly and hereby ensure a continuous re-utilisation of products, materials, and components

– all ENKL products are therefore designed for disassembly and for a sustainable future!

Odoo CMS - a big picture
All Enkl products are designed for the circular economy and not a 'take, make' dispose' model of production. We therefore still see a lot of value in each of our designs even if you should grow tired of it. We, therefore, offer to repurchase any Enkl product for 10 percent of the sales price at any time. All we need is your name and the serial number that goes with each sold Enkl product. 
We will greatly send you a return label and thus continue the life of your Enkl product. 
Please notice that we do only offer this for designs sold in Denmark at the moment, but we hope to introduce it to all of Europe in the nearest future.